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Wolverhampton Early Years School Improvement Report

In January 2014, Education Central was commissioned by Wolverhampton Local Authority to work with a group of schools to bring about improvement in the quality of teaching in early years provision in schools, and thus raise standards. 


The project itself was designed so that it could be replicated to create a model for sustainable development that would enable headteachers and the local authority to build on the outcomes of the project.  The main purpose of the commission was to give the local authority an additional expert resource as it worked to improved standards across all of its schools. It was made possible by funding from the Local Education Partnership.  


The interim Director of Wolverhampton Education Services was determined to start his improvement programme with early years and engaged Education Central, a social enterprise wholly owned by the University of Wolverhampton, to provide the expertise needed. Initially the focus was set for the foundation stage. During preliminary meetings between Education Central and local authority staff it was agreed to include elements of work from Key Stage One (KS1) in the project but that this would be limited. All primary schools were initially invited to express an interest in being part of the project. Twenty-one schools, comprising volunteers and schools selected by the local authority, agreed to participate in the project. It is important to acknowledge that all of the schools in the project were keen to raise standards in the early years and that, once the project was underway, their enthusiasm and determination to succeed became a key driver of the project.


This report gives an account of the approach adopted to raise standards, the work completed by the schools and the impact the project has had on the schools to date. It is too early to evaluate the impact on learning, but early indicators are positive.


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