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Education Central Associate Directory


Education Central is regularly approached by LAs, partners, schools and academies to secure personnel on a short-term basis to enable them to deliver services or engage specialists.

There are two major reasons for requests:

  1. Lack of a particular specialism to deliver a specific activity/intervention.
  2. Vacancies/absences or adding capacity.

The directory includes a range of quality assured individuals who will be available for:


  1. Engagement by LAs, partners, schools and academies and internally to deliver one-off projects or  pieces of work for a fixed fee.
  2. Contracted by LAs, partners, schools and academies and internally to deliver elements of core   activity. They may receive induction / training as part of the contract in relation to that core activity. They will be paid either a fixed fee or a daily rate.



There are currently around 130 consultants on this database.  To apply to become a registered consultant on this database please e-mail with an expression of interest. Following receipt of your CV an interview will be arranged to progress your application.´╗┐



  • An advert will be placed for associates as and when identified by the project manager and the leadership team.
  • The person specification for each type of associate will be standard.
  • Two referees are required to support the associate application.
  • Applications will be against standard job descriptions and person specifications on
  • an associate application form.



  • All candidates will be interviewed.
  • All candidates must hold a current enhanced DBS check and are expected to review this at a cost to themselves every three years.
  • DBS carried out by the University of Wolverhampton or partner LAs (Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall or Wolverhampton) will be accepted.
  • Engaged consultant will be asked to sign a “Consultancy Agreement” outlining basic contract details (two copies sent, one is returned and a copy forwarded to the UoW Finance Department).
  • A database holds full details and a full list of associates (including daily rate).
  • Education Central personnel will act as brokers to provide effective matching in line with the agreed “Service Level Agreement”.
  • LAs, partners, schools and academies wanting to use the service will be required to sign a Service Level Agreement.
  • Charges will be in line with the Service Level Agreement.



  • A letter of acceptance will be forwarded to the associate once all criteria under QA is reached. This may be in the form of a letter or e-mail.
  • No work should be engaged via the associatedirectory until a letter of acceptance has been received. Failure to comply will result in non-payment of invoices as no work will be allowed retrospectively.
  • Once engaged in “work” the associate is required to submit monthly invoices addressed to the University of Wolverhampton Social Enterprise Limited, Education Central.
  • Permission for payment on invoice will be sent from client (i.e. LAs, partners, schools and academies who engaged consultant).
  • Once approved, payment can be made to consultant, thereafter invoice (including management fee will be sent to LAs, partners, schools and academies).



There are three ways in which consultants are deployed:

  • A client outlines a particular specialism and skills are matched to the work outlined, each consultant that is a suitable match is emailed with a brief outline of the consultancy whereby they express an interest, a short list is then emailed to the client who will select the consultant.
  • A client requests a particular consultant who is already know to the client
  • Internal recruitment of consultants to add capacity or support a particular piece of work.



The directory is reviewed on a bi-annual basis (every 2 years). Each consultant’s information is updated; including ensuring their DBS is within the three-year life span Education Central endorses. If a consultant doesn’t respond to the update request and following a few reminders a cut-off date is provided whereby their information will be archived and will no longer be visible for consultancy opportunities.



Consultants remain available on the directory until they opt to be removed or are removed as part of the bi-annual review.



The master file incorporates a rule which displays out of date DBS’s in red, this information is checked prior to recommending a consultant or engaging them in any activity.



Education Central is in the process of building an evaluation framework which will be sent to all customers following the end of each consultant’s contract.  This information will be saved electronically for QA and review.´╗┐



Should you wish to take advantange of the services on offer through our database please contact or phone 01902 518963 for further information.  Clients approach Education Central with specified requests which we endeavour to fulfil by matching the most appropriate consultant in terms of value for money, role requirement and duration´╗┐.

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